Shopping and selecting the Ford of your dreams is only the first stage at Malloy Ford in Alexandria, VA. The next stage focuses on acquiring the keys to this car, SUV, or truck. You'll either lease or buy your Ford at your Alexandria Ford dealership. Do you know the differences between buying and leasing a new Ford F-150? If you'd like to uncover more about both types of auto financing, you've come to the right Ford dealer, serving Fairfax and Annapolis.

Would You Make a Great Ford Lessee?

One major sign that you should lease a new Ford Explorer is if you don't plan on owning this Ford SUV long term. You only serve as the vehicle's temporary driver with Ford leasing. You're only responsible for covering the vehicle's depreciation throughout your lease - typically a few years. Your monthly lease payments will be lower when you lease. You can also avoid the trade-in process, and seamlessly transition into a newer model each time your lease ends.

The only drawbacks of leasing a new Ford EcoSport are limitations on yearly mileage, vehicle customizations, and wear-and-tear costs.

Should You Buy and Own Your New Ford?

Are you wanting to own the new Ford Escape that you buy? Do you want to drive it around the Arlington area for the next ten years? Taking out an auto loan to finance this Ford SUV will be a worthwhile investment if you plan on long-term ownership. As its sole owner, you won't face any restrictions like you would with leasing. You'll accrue greater savings once you pay off your auto loan. You can customize your Ford car, truck, or SUV in whatever way you wish.

While you'll pay more for your down payment and monthly loan payments, you will end up saving more as a long-term Ford owner near Annandale.

Are You Going to Be a Ford Lessee or Owner?

Do you know which direction you want to go for your Ford F-150? If you want to discuss the auto-financing options more in-depth, contact Malloy Ford. We have Ford sales consultants who can offer useful advice about Ford leasing or buying. It's important to us that you make the right decision for your Ford Explorer or Ford Escape. Let us know whether you'd like to lease or finance your new Ford today.

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