New 2022 & 2023 Ford Models for Sale | Alexandria, VA near Springfield, Falls Church, Fairfax, Washington DC & Maryland

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New Ford Models Here to Explore in Alexandria, VA

Ford has recently released its newest models for drivers to buy or lease. Today, you can visit your local Ford dealership to browse the latest inventory of Ford vehicles. When visiting the dealership, you can check out the upgrades and additions to models such as the dependable and spacious Ford Explorer sport utility vehicle. You can also check out one of the top selling pickup trucks on the market such as the Ford F-150. For shoppers who are sports car enthusiasts, there is also the all new Mustang that they can put through the paces as well. With inventory changing on a regular basis, consumers will be able to find the latest vehicles that Ford has to offer. 

Benefits of Buying a Ford Vehicle

Anytime you are looking to get a new Ford vehicle, you will spend some time deciding on whether to buy or lease one. While both options have their benefits and advantages, buying a Ford vehicle has some unique benefits that make it a good option for consumers. Whenever you buy a new Ford vehicle, you can drive the vehicle for as many miles as you want. Therefore, you won't have to worry about any restrictions on how much you can drive it. Another benefit of buying a new Ford is that you will be the first owner of the vehicle and not have to worry about any issues such as damage caused by past accidents or any systematic or mechanical failures that aren't covered by at least a few years of warranty. When buying a Ford vehicle, you can also accumulate residual value once you pay off the car loan. This allows you to build equity and either sell it or use it as a trade-in to get your next vehicle.

2022 Ford Lineup

Benefits of Leasing a Ford

Another option for obtaining a new Ford is leasing. When it comes to leasing a Ford vehicle, you can acquire one with less money up front than purchasing. Along with a low down payment, you will also have the opportunity for lower monthly payments. When leasing a car, you get free service coverage from the dealership on everything covered in the Ford three-year warranty and for the entire duration of your lease, in most cases. Lastly, a lease allows you to trade in the vehicle every couple years and get into a brand new vehicle. This is ideal for consumers who prefer to drive a new vehicle on a regular basis.

Purchasing Tools for Your Next Ford

Before buying or leasing a new Ford vehicle, you will want to use some of our purchasing tools so that you can more easily determine what vehicle is most affordable for you. One of the tools that you can use is the finance calculator which allows you to find out what your car payment will be and how much you need to put down in order to get the new Ford vehicle of your choice. The used car trade-in estimator is another tool that you can use in order to determine the value of your car and how much you can put towards your next new vehicle. Prior to buying or leasing a car, it is important to know your credit rating so that you can find out what you can realistically qualify for. Therefore, consumers will benefit by using our quick and easy creditapplication in order to find out their current qualifications. 

Contact or Visit Malloy Ford of Alexandria for a Test Drive 

Anyone that is looking to buy or lease one of the latest Ford models will want to come on over and visit our local Alexandria, VA Ford dealership today. You can shop the latest models, get more information from our phenomenal sales team, and complete a test drive. All three of these things will allow you to find the ideal car, truck or SUV to take home today!